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   Charles Vickery

Originals, prints and fine art posters featuring romantic and historical renditions of the sea, sailing ships, coastlines, harbors and maritine battles.

Beautiful art for collectors and investors and those that simply enjoy fine renditions of the sea.


Fine art originals by the master seascape artist, Charles Vickery. Beautiful original oils featuring seascapes, sailing ships, landscapes and more.

Online Brochure

Over 100 limited edition prints of Vickery original oil paintings covering a wide range of his works.

Fine art posters

Museum quality fine art posters of internationally acclaimed maritime artist Charles Vickery made directly from originals that are in private collections and have never been published before in any form.

   Associated Artists

In-house, Contributing and Exhibiting Artists

In addition to the Charles Vickery Collection we offer a selection of nationally known and local award winning artists with a wide range of styles and techniques to offer the kind and quality of fine art you are looking for.

Many of our associated artists teach in our Art Academy Paint & Play and Art classes and also in our Joan of Art Professional Art Instruction Workshops.

Many are also available to do commissioned paintings. If you enjoyed a particular painting by one of our artists which has already sold, while original paintings are never duplicated, they will create a similar artwork piece.

   Art Academy

Workshops - Classes/Private Lessons - Paint & Play

The Brigantine Art Academy is an all encompassing group of programs and services designed to offer art instruction and support facilities to students of all levels. Some of these include first time artists, high school art students, serious student artists in advanced art education and established artists.

Our highly successful professional art workshops taught by established artists in our Joan of Art program provide more advanced and serious students as well as professional artists with ways to enhance their artistic abilities, explore new avenues of expression and continue to grow in their various artistic disciplines.

We also offer private lessons and classes for individuals or small groups in the open gallery area or in our private instruction rooms.

Our ever popular Paint & Play afternoon and evening classes offer children and adults a fun and entertaining introduction to the world of art and allow them to explore their artistic abilities in the stimulating and inspiring environment of a real art gallery.

   Joan of Art

Professional Art Instruction

We present professional art instruction workshops taught by our resident, award winning instructors for artists of all levels.

We welcome established artists who are looking to enhance their artistic abilities and enjoyment, serious students looking for direction in their artistic careers and new artists who are looking for guidance and inspiration.

These workshops allow the participants to explore different styles, techniques and mediums presented by established artists of various disciplines.

The workshops are held in our art gallery, a setting which provides an inspirational undertone to our students that enhances their learning experience. This, combined with a relaxed atmosphere and dedicated instructors, promotes an educational and enjoyable time for all.

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