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Charles Vickery         1913-1998         The Man and His Work
Interviewer:  "Mr. Vickery, what is your best painting?"
Vickery:  (smiling) "I haven't painted it yet."



Charles Vickery, a lifelong passion for the sea "All the colors of water come from the sky because every color of the sky is reflected in that water. And the sky has all the colors of the rainbow in it."
"I became interested in seascapes right out of high school. I would haunt the galleries, marvel at the success of the pros - Frederick Waugh, Montague Dawson."
"Lake Michigan was a big source of instruction. Then I went to the East Coast and learned the same laws are in effect in the Atlantic. In my early 50's, I took a freighter trip to as far as Turkey. I got a lot of wild, stormy effects of the ocean."
"Many of the 19th century artists were a little too stiff. No sense of water. I don't know what marked the beginning of reality...maybe Winslow Homer."
"You have to greet the sea with love, and it will give it back to you."

In his lifetime, Charles Vickery saw his works grace the walls of galleries, embassies and private residences. He was praised by art critics, interviewed by the media, and called one of the best living painters of the sea.


Charles Vickery - his popularity continues Vickery enjoyed recognition and adulation for his work. Some of the milestones of his flourishing career are narrated in our "master brochure." Since it's publication just a few years ago, many noteworthy events have occurred to make his work even more popular among the discerning collectors.


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