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Romantic and historical renditions of the sea - Sailing Ships - Coastlines - Harbors - Maritine Battles
Beautiful art for collectors and investors and those that simply enjoy fine renditions of the sea


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Market Value Prints
All of the prints in this brochure were made in limited editions from the original oil paintings. Once an 'edition' is sold out its value is determined by the current market value if it is available to us on consignment. The following prints are at market value and sold only when they are available . Please Email us to find out more about the market value print(s) you are interested in.



Following the 1976 Parade of Tall Ships in New York, the Christian Radich sailed to Chicago. After hosting thousands of visitors, she returned to Norway.

16h x 19w (41cm x 49cm)

Currently available on consignment  1 - Numbered

Farewell Chicago
Print 71

The famous Rouse Simmons which for many years brought Christmas trees from the north woods to Chicago and other Great Lake ports. It went down with all hands in 1912, during an unexpected blizzard on Lake Michigan.

16h x 19w (41cm x 49cm)

Currently available on consignment: 1 - Artist proof 1 - Numbered

The Christmas Tree Schooner
Print 19

For a change of pace, Mr. Vickery leaves the sea and pours his talent into a whisper of winter.

20h x 24w (51cm x 61cm)

Currently available on consignment  1 - Numbered

Hush of Winter
Print 8



The Four Seasons

Four individual prints depict the changing seasons. They can be framed individually, in two sets of two, or all four in a single frame.

These fine prints will enhance any decor.

Print sizes - 10"h x 13"w (25cm x 34cm)

Sold only as a set.

Currently available on consignment 1 - Artist proof set


Sprinf Trail print
33   Spring Trail

Summer Pond print
34  Summer Pond

Autumn Reflections print
35   Autumn            Reflection

Winter Sunset print
36   Winter Sunset




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