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The Battle of Trafalgar Series

Whether enjoyed individually or as a set of four, each of these historical pieces is an example of Vickery excelence.

In Sailing Into History (upper left), Admiral Horatio Nelson's HMS Victory, the flagship of the English Navy, secretely departs from Portsmouth in 1805.

In Peace before the Storm (upper right), Mr. Vickery shows the Victory at open sea prior to it's legendary engagement at Cape Trafalgar.

In The Storm of Battle (lower left), the English Navy and Lord Nelson vanquish the combined fleets of France and Spain at Trafalgar and, in Bittersweet Victory (lower right), The battle-weary Victory is towed to Gibraltar for repairs.

Lord Nelson lost his life, but Trafalgar became one of the most significant events in English history as well as the most decisive battle ever fought at sea.

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Print 81






The Sea Witch, in 1850, during a record setting voyage.

17h x 22w (45cm x 56cm)

Off the Cape of Good Hope
Print 77


Perhaps the most famous of all whaling ships, the Morgan is the sole survivor of a past era. She is permanently docked on the shore of the Mystic River at the Mystic Maritime Museum in Mystic Connecticut.

15h x 23w (38cm x 59cm)

The Charles W. Morgan
Print 82


The Northern Light sails thru the glittering path of dancing moonbeams known to sailors as the Pathway of the Angels.

17h x 26w (45cm x 66cm)

Moonlit Sails
Print 80


Who but Charles Vickery could stop the beauty and motion of this special moonlit night, capture it in his mind, and transfer the essence of the scene onto canvas for the world to enjoy?

21h x 32w (54cm x 81cm)

Print 83


One of the most beautiful Clipper Ships of the Golden Era of sail, here cuts its way majestically homeward bound from another sea adventure.

23h x 15w (59cm x 38cm)

The Golden Eagle
Print 53


Here the artist uses a vertical canvas to best capture the close up majesty of this beautiful ship. The sky - ship and water blend into a burst of color from a setting sun.

23h x 15w (59cm x 38cm)

Golden Seas
Print 69


All sails full, the clipper ship Russell races toward the Cape, where sails will soon have to be furled for heavy weather.

33h x 21w (84cm x 54cm)

Cape Horn Bound -
The Archibald Russell
Print 47

After a lazy hot summer the sun moves southward. The breezes change into winds, the temperatures fall. Soon the raindrops change to snowflakes which blanket the Earth. Overcoats and scarves come out of storage. Adults and children leave their stuffy heated homes and joyfully engage in winter fun and sports. The world-famous artist captures this time of the year. The nostalgia of winters past touches our hearts and memories.

21h x 17w (54cm x 45cm)

Joy of Winter
Print 57


Built back in 1852, the Old Graue Mill is an Illinois landmark, welcoming tens of thousands of visitors each year

15h x 23w (38cm x 59cm)

Down By the Old Mill Stream
Print 73

Here he depicts the arrival of the famous Christmas Tree Schooner, the Rouse Simmons, in 1902, entering the Chicago River about to dock with its annual load of freshly cut pines from the far north. In the year 1912, during a heavy snow storm, the ship went down with crew and trees - ending an historic era.

16h x 21w (41cm x 54cm)

The Arrival
Print 62


The 500th anniversary rendition is composed of an unmistakably modern Chicago skyline and three unmistakably primitive little ships whose voyage was a necessary part of creating it.

15h x 23w (38cm x 59cm)

Discovery of Chicago - 1992
Print 85


Another beautiful rendition of the Dunes of Lake Michigan.

21h x 28w (54cm x 71cm)

Winter Retreat
Print 95


This title has long been used in many ways, but never has it seemed quite as appropriate. In this scene, as in so many others, Mr. Vickery takes us there. Using his artistic vision, he creates a scene which jogs memories and conjures notions of familiarity.

15h x 23w (38cm x 59cm)

Winter Wonderland
Print 68

A hearty fishing vessel braves the wild seas.

20h x 30w (51cm x 76cm)

No enlargement available

Print 97


15h x 23w (38cm x 79cm)

The Cardinal
Print 98


15h x 23w (38cm x 79cm)

Dawn Departure
Print 32




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